1. Better of dead

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  3. "I hate when bitches say “give it to me daddy”, thats fucking disgusting, i don’t wanna fuck my daughter!"

  4. "I don’t belive that all “famous” quotes came from the actual famous person people said it was..!"
  5. Bazztard

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  6. Reminds me of one of my funny Salvia trips!

    31 Spooner Street in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. ..

    Probably the best “town” in the world! Atleast in my imagination

    So what i’m going for here, it’s one hella trip if you end up in Quahog

    So don’t tell your mother, she would love being gang bang’d  by Peter, Brian and Me!

    Tripple ass penetration up in this!

    So now, give me my Ketamine!   DIIIIIIIIIE666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tripple ass penetration, your mom loves it, and your dad can watch!

    No i’m not wazted <3

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  7. "The temptation is getting stronger"
    — Go kill yourself!

  8. "Still drinking!"
    — Alcoholove! <3
  9. Kill atleast one pig (cop)!

  10. Some people get to addicted…..

  11. It was about time…

  12. Need $ or £, so we can get weapons  to fight the fuckd up system!
  13. Up the ass!

  14. Listen up, that’s a fact!

  15. Don’t talk, kick in yhe crotch is better!